“Attorney Network” is an exceptional opportunity to get judicial and economical advice in Geneva. Having its headquarter in Geneva, allows “Attorney Network” to benefit from Geneva’s geographical situation.
Geneva is indeed one of the most multicultural cities worldwide hosting a large number of international organizations. Due to this multiculturalism “Attorney Network” is composed of very competent and skilled lawyers specialized in several national legal systems and in public and private international law.
“Attorney Network” is a human-sized company that mobilizes, at any time, very ambitious teams who propose tailor-made solutions to their clients. The team is composed of proactive and determined specialists who guarantee to satisfy in an effective way their clients’ needs and expectations. At “Attorney Network” the customer satisfaction remains at the center of their activity.
Furthermore with an approved and rigorous working methodology “Attorney Network” involves itself with its customers on a long term basis. Its multi-disciplinary skills allow a global approach of its customer’s problems. The Network offers its services in four languages: French, Spanish, German and English.


  • All the people who need advice regarding the application of Swiss law;
  • Private and Corporative Europeans who need advice regarding the application of Swiss law, European law or the law of any other European country
  • Latin American people who are living in Switzerland and who require advice concerning Swiss law
  • People who need advice regarding the application of a Latin American law;


A) “Attorney Network” was created with the aim to give its clients personalized jurisdictional and economical advice whether

  • By on-line appointments: CHF 150.00 (a written report will be sent to you within 48 hours. Possibility to contact us by Skype: Attorney-network)
  • Or appointments in person : CHF 60.00 (consultation 30 minutes)
  • Services can be offers by subscriptions (annual contact) or individually

B) Related documents in four languages: French, Spanish, German and English are posted and available on the Website and can be downloaded.

i.e.: commercial contracts, franchise contracts, employment contracts, etc.

C) “Attorney Network” made the commitment with their clients to defend their interests and to support them with all procedures whether they are civil, administrative, commercial and penal, in Switzerland and abroad.Customers can benefit from their legal protection insurance or turn themselves to public institutions for legal advice.