In order to satisfy the customers’ needs and expectations Attorney Networks focuses on the following priority areas:

– Family law (Marriage, divorces, custody fees, parental rights, affiliation); – Law of succession; – International adoption; – Commercial law (national Business law, international trade law, international arbitration); – Law of obligations (contract law, tortuous liability, quasi-contracts, quasi-delicts); – International private law (Set of civil rules governing the situations with international elements: determination of the appropriate court and the applicable law); – Foreign law (Residence permit, Family reunification, Naturalizations)

Attorney Network addresses to:

– Individuals ; – Companies ; – Associations or groups of investors, entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce ; – Public Institutions; – Diplomatic missions and consulates

Attorney Network

Is an exceptional opportunity to get judicial and economical advice in Geneva. Having its headquarter in Geneva, allows “Attorney Network”. Judicial and economic advice in Geneva. Please, we invite you to join the successful team of the Attorney Network, follow us on social networks and find out about all the best news.