a) Our support interface allows you to ask your questions, by completing the appropriate application form, that you can find directly on this page. We guarantee you:

– We answer you in 48 hours; – The price for the first consultation is of CHF 150.-; – You receive un writer-report and you can communicate with skype : attorney-network – After un global price will then be fixed according to the complexity of the case, the type and the number of steps involved, the length of the procedure … (For precise information, complete the following form) ; – The payment of the services is made by bank transfer and/or credit card.

b) Following documents can be directly downloaded from our website in order to facilitate the procedure:

– Commercial contracts; – Franchise agreements; – Employment contracts; – Company’s statutes.

c) Following documents are available within the framework of “Easy procedures “:

– Divorce requests by mutual consent; – Enforcement procedures (Recognition of Foreign Judgments in Switzerland and the Swiss judgments in Europe and in Latin America). If you wish to be accompanied by one of our experts we are glad to put in contact you with one of our collaborators on site.